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Latest Episodes

BBQ Radio Show 45- Hot & Fast Bourbon Street Brisket- In 4 Hours?

I’m Chef Mitche Graf, the host of this here BBQ Radio Show, and today I share with you a recipe for a Bourbon Street Brisket, that is only going to take you….wait for it….only about 4 hours! Hang tight, and I’ll explain…

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BBQ Radio Show 44- The BACON Episode

As you know, each week we dive into some wonderful recipe, or give you some Pro Tips on what kinds of pellets to use in your smoker, or ideas on how to set up your backyard kitchen. Well, today…you get none of that. We are simply going to be...

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BBQ Radio Show 43- Cheeseburgers, Cheeseburgers-Who Wants A Cheeseburger?

We are going to talking about how you can grill up the perfect cheeseburger, plus a few interesting facts about this heavenly food item...

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BBQ Radio Show 42-“Must Have” Grill Accessories For This Season

Today, we dive into a few of the absolute MUST HAVE accessories for your outdoor cooking area, some you may not have thought about before...

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